B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Scanner Models

The B.O.S.S. scanner chair is currently available in 2 models. A 5-zone B.O.S.S. II scanner and a 3-zone B.O.S.S. III model.

xeku boss body orifice scanner models
  • xeku boss 2 5-zone scanner chair

    B.O.S.S. II 5-zone

    The B.O.S.S. II represents the 2nd generation of B.O.S.S. chairs with a rugged yet sleek new body style. With five (5) scan zones, it is the highest B.O.S.S. model to date.

  • xeku boss 3 3-zone scanner chair

    B.O.S.S. III 3-Zone

    The B.O.S.S. III is the 2nd model released with the new body style. It is the only chair in the B.O.S.S. lineup in which the model number actually represents the number of scan zones.